Train Players or Purchase Superstars?

  • Is it more effective to train players native to the team or is a superstar overhaul more effective?

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    Hello mate,
    a good player is a good player, either is a native player or another one out of the team...and a good team needs as many good players, as fast as you can have them...
    So i suggest, buy as many good players as you can and also train others to have them as back up on your team..😉

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    @DE-XRIST That's a politically correct answer and I doubt the OP got anything out of that. TBH it depends on which sort of team you play with. If you play a 200 mil worth team you're better off training players and if you play a 30 mil worth team then better sell players like mad until you can afford superstars because you may get a player from 80 to 100 in one season but not from 55 or 60 to 100.

  • It depends if you're that type of manager who wants to win everything now then get the "superstars" but if you're the manager who wants to invest in the future then train players especially if they're highly rated and young

  • @Malu-Ani It doesn't depend on what team you're managing. With buying and selling you can make a team that in the beginning got only 50-60 skills players to a team with 90-100 skills players. Everyone wants to win everything, there's no managers who doesn't want to win, there's only managers who knows how to improve their squad with or without scout. With scout you can improve your team faster without it will be way slower. I'm not using scout in any leagues atm and yet I'm able to have the team similar to others who use it or even better and I have a team with lowest goal.
    Without scout and using just a transfer list you can easily improve your team. How fast it depends on how fast you're able to sell players. For example, you got a player in your squad with 70 skill that costs 4m. You can sell that player for 10m and for that money buy another player with 75 skill that cost 6m from the transfer list or if you want to have more players in your team you can also buy another player with 70 skill for 7m and you got 3m in reserve. Repeating that you'll be able to save money.
    About training or buying players. You need to do it both. Put a player on tl and train another player. Why another? Because there's a chance that player who's at the same time training and on transfer list that he will be sold and you won't train anyone in that period because the player you trained isn't in your squad anymore.
    About buying and selling players, try to see and figure out how you can improve faster and better your team or how to make as much money as you can in shortest possible times. Remember that player who you bought for 7m (actual price is 4m) you can get 10m so you're able to gain 3m just from that. But a player who you bought for 70m (actual price is 40m) you can sell him for 100m and get 30m bonus from it.

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    @Veve-D the transfer embargo. Only hardcore!