Account temporary blocked

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    Hi everyone.
    I had an account connected with my facebook account, which is perfectly used from a phone app.
    Yesterday I log out from my account so a friend could log in to his account via facebook and worked perfectly. Problem was when I tried to connect again to my account, its impossible via phone. I uninstall the app and facebook and tried again but worthless. Now in the pc a message appears saying: "Your account has been temporary blocked because you have tried to connect several time. Try it later" (its translation from spanish, so maybe the message is not 100% like this). Someone knows when will I able to use the account again? I dont care if I lose some matches, but I dont really want to lose the account, I have a lot of friends and accomplishments there.
    Thanks and cheers

  • English Moderator


    For this issue Send a mail to in English or in Spanish with a detailed explanation and also include your manager name(s) in the mail.