I can not do my e-mail account

  • I can not do my e-mail account ,
    He says that the e-mail user in another account ,
    This is the email: LodeGames@outlook.com

    I hope the solution
    with many thanks

  • Hi mate,

    I just hope you're not creating multi accounts, because you can only have one account on OSM. By creating multi accounts on the game, you'll end up with both being locked!

    If the e-mail is already in use, two things may be happening:

    • Someone used your e-mail to sign up and you can 'steal' the account at any time by requesting a new pass
    • You had a previous account with that mail and you forgot it, so you created a new one
    • Mail is in use in a locked/deleted account

    Last two are not possible, because I checked and account is active and someone on same IP as you logged on it today.
    So my advise to you is this:
    If they are both yours, just delete one of them and play with the other. If the account belongs to someone else and he's using your mail address, then you better clarify it so that user can delete that account.

    If no answer/action from you on next 24h, both accounts will be locked and then we'll solve the situation by mail when you both appeal!

  • Thank you

    I have discovered the account that uses e-mail a friend was to solve the problem Thank you very much

  • @WaleedGS Why is your friend using your email?