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    Why every time when i play an important game players are sent off with red card and suspended for 5-6 games, people play agressive or even worses and i play normal, this game still sucks after all those years.

  • I think a lot of it has to do with luck. I'm sure results will turn in your favor. In terms of red cards, I find it helpful to look at the referee's anger levels and adjust for that.

    ~Manny M

  • @willow12 Hello mate. 🙂
    Although you are the only person that knows what kind of combinations you are using on your special tactics , I will try to give you some food for thought about your question.

    1. First thing we look before setting our special tactics is indeed ( like Manny mentioned already ) the level of strictness of the referee.
    2. We adjust the power of not only our style of playing ( normal, aggressive, extreme etc) but also of the pressure and the marking style we're using according to the referee and the overall condition/strength of our 11 line up.
    3. We try to always have a well fitted first 11 line up, meaning players that don't have more than one yellow card already on their back before each match.
    4. Fitness also has to do with possible injuries, if we tend to use many exausted players round after round. Thus rotating and upgrading our players , meaning being extra active on the TLs - selling and buying new better players almost every day - is a must.
    5. Have you ever tried to experiment with marking and pressure? Are you maybe using too high pressure for all your matches? Or man to man marking too often? If not then what do you have to lose? Why not try with aggressive style next time but less pressure or different marking?
      I'm sorry but I'm only guessing here.
      It is a multi factor game after all and highly competitive. I wish you best of luck on your future matches. 😉

  • @manchester-munch Thank you for your post and help Manny. 🤝

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    @manchester-munch As i said i play always norman, so referee's should not bother about my players, but 5-9 games suspend its not normal.