Cult TV Series.....

  • Inspired by one of the moderators I decided to start a thread to rival the movies one, but concerning cult TV. Post your favouritie must-sees here.

    Loads of guys will know Simon Peggfrom Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Worlds End.

    But here are his first two shows on UK TV -

    Spaced which despite lots of fan pressure only aired for two wonder-fun-ful series -

    And the sketch show Big Train -

    Check them out!

  • As promised for Sofie @supernova-8 a few cult detective series from the UK worth watching, all starring the very underrated actress Nicola Walker:

    Deals with some hot topics and has a stellar cast-

    Amazing solid writing in this one -

    Great writing and a solid cast -

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    @hans-orf Much obliged to you, dear Stew. 😊

  • A couple more series for you folks ( @supernova-8 ).

    Firstly two frontier based series, one that got cut by HBO way too early if you ask me -

    And one with the great actor Killian Scott -

    And finally the Danish/Swedish series the Bridge -

    Much better than the American remake.

    Not the best trailers, but the series are definitely worth a watch.