Bug: Spy did not reveal tactics/line up!

  • Login: Hans Orf
    Account: Slot1; Watford
    Date & Time of the bug: 16th May approx 23:30
    Platform: Website
    Screenshots: 23:30

    1_1526506834381_Screenshot-2018-5-16 Spy - OSM(1).png

    0_1526507091577_Screenshot-2018-5-16 Spy - OSM(4).png

    Bug step-by-step Description:

    1. Activated spy in the preseason for the first opponent
    2. Got the orange exclamation mark indicator a process had finished with my team
    3. Spy finished, got the green tick
    4. pressed on drop-down menu and game went back to spy activation pop up screen
  • English Moderator


    From your screenshot it shows you still have 46 hours to game time which means you don't have a game for the next round hence when you spy on your opponent Southampton and the process is completed you won't be able to view his tactics or lineup. The point Is the spy will only reveal tactics and lineup when you have less than 24 hours to game time just as you can't activate a secret training or training camp when you don't have a game in the next round.

    No bug!

  • Okay, thanks! So the early bird does not catch the worm in this case.

  • English Moderator

    @hans-orf yes mate.
    This topic can be closed now!