OSM app unable to use on my new account

  • hi guys,

    so a long long time ago i made an osm account, it is called: roydecoach, i played on it sometimes but then i never used it ever again.

    i got back in the game after like 6 years and made a new account because ofcourse i forgot about my old one.

    when i played the game first i downloaded the app on my phone, it was probably an iphone3 or something, now i downloaded the app again and its still logged in on my old account so im not able to play the game on my new one.

    can you guys maybe find a way to delete my old account and let me logg in on my new account

    -Fernando Torres

  • @fernando-torres010_nl Hi, welcome.
    Please contact our Dutch support team by email: NL.support@onlinesoccermanager.com
    Explain the whole story, provide both manager names old and new.