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  • Greetings to each and every OSM manager out there. ☺

    My name is Sofie and I'm a forum moderator. I've decided to create this new topic in order to offer to every forumer and OSM manager the space and opportunity to chat and interact with each other. About what?
    Well about the most important thing concerning the game that we love so much. Its features .

    You see my friends I couldn't help but wonder about a few matters that have to do with this game that we play and all of the new managers that I get to see lately around the forums. New era , new forums and new faces that join our OSM planet every single day. And it's been already 2,5 years since I first started playing this game ( time flies really, haha ) so it's only natural for me and many other much more experienced users to feel quite familiar with the game's features and philosophy in general.

    But how about you? All of you new ambitious managers that you step in for the first time on OSM. :thinking:

    How did you feel when you enter this game site on your day one?
    What was the first sense or impression that you had about the game's features and rules or anything else ?
    Did you find it easy enough to start playing it? Was it fun for you? Or...
    Did you have any difficulties while navigating it?
    Do you think there is something missing from the OSM game?
    Is there anything at all that you believe it should be added for your own comfort and pleasure?

    If yes..Then please speak up my mates. Share your honest thoughts and opinions about OSM.
    Feel free to express yourselves. Right here. Right now.
    And believe me when I say that your opinion is valued and counts a lot!

    So let's hear what all of you guys & girls have to say about OSM: The game that has become an addiction for millions of managers around the world. 😄

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  • @SNYQ513 Hello again Mario. 😄

    I'd like to thank you for your " thumbsup" message mate .
    But also I have to tell you: I wish you had shared your thoughts with us. Don't you have anything to answer or to say about my questions? 😉

  • @Scandura23

    Hello to you too Robert-Constantin! 😄
    Thank you very much for your upvote my friend but I'd really appreciate it if you could join this new chatroom and say your opinion about the things I asked earlier. Could you please?

    I'm expecting you all my mates to discuss and exchange our thoughts about what or how we can improve our game. 😉

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    1. It was kind of exciting cause i already knew that game before i started it. My cousin introduced me with this game. i felt great cause i love football.
    2. It was boss coin matter. that time i had few coin , i felt like beggar when i noticed my cousin had 400 boss coins. haha
    3. its easy and user friendly game. anyone will love and feel easy to play. my all close friends play it . we play together and too much competition. I love that.
    4. actually the annoying problem we are facing is match delay. sometimes it delays 4/5 hours and continue that way for 4/5 days . i gave lots of mail for that problem but didnt fix...
    5. instant match live broadcast while match in play would be very nice and very exciting.
    6. Live match in play, due match time without delay, bigger transfer list, create league cost reduction would be good for all user , i think...

  • @SNYQ513 Mario I can't thank you enough for your response and your detailed post. :clap_tone2: 😄

    That's exactly what I was talking about earlier. We need to hear and learn from every manager what he/she likes or dislikes from the game's features or share new ideas, in order for the game developers to have a data base to help them with future changes and improvements on our game site. I really appreciate your post Mario. :handshake_tone2:


    1. I really like this game, get on site daily. What can I say, sometimes I play so much on OSM, that I forget to do what had to actually do (homework, for example) hahah, OSM style
    2. My first impression of the game, was 3 years ago when I started. I liked very much, especially as I had a lot of tactics and formations. Another thing I liked is that the game uses real football players in the world, and after the transfer period, the teams are updated.
    3. The game attracted me very fast, funny being on the one hand, on the other hard to play, so good quality of game made me playing it until now, and the future sounds good
    4. I have not encountered many difficulties in navigation, but can be better.
    5. Yes. I do not know how good the idea, but it would seem to me beautiful, like every game (home) we can see how many fans attended the stadium, and the number of supporters to be influenced by last matches. For example, if using Steaua Bucharest, and you have a stadium with a capacity of 55 634 seats, and are No. 1 (my goal) at each home match to assist between 50,000 - max supporters. If you are below target 2,4,8..de example, will have fewer supporters.
      This whole team could influence income. And in real football fans greatly influences a team, especially the one you love.
    6. All I want to say here is that I feel uncomfortable when it happens to delay the match result was 2 hours or more. But OSM engine has much work to do not argue too hard

    PS: sorry for my bad english

  • @.Scandura23. Robert-Constantin! That was awesome ! :clap_tone2:
    Oh I enjoyed your post so much and hey your english was just great mate. You worry too much for no reason. I really liked that part with the size of the stadium and number of fans . Haha.
    You really love football and you used your imagination here.

    Thank you so much my friend! - Multumesc ! 😄

  • OSM is one of the best football Manager game, have been playing it from last 2+ years

    My brother and me started it on same day
    and the interface is too good at that time (it is good now also)
    but interface did not bother as that much really, it went really good at start.
    So we got addicted to it. I feel happy to be part of it..
    And finally as our mangers in OSM news paper say " I LOVE OSM" 😆

  • suggestion:

    isn't it possible to have a fusion between OSM.nl with OSM-world? For the dutch version i think it would be better. Crews are dying over here and it's not very active anymore.

    If this is not possible, can you explain why?

    thx already!

  • @Alfonzso_NL192 Hi, I already awsert you in support that it's not possible.
    It are two seperate versions with also different servers, it's impossible to put the manager names/accounts from 1 version to the other version.
    But let's see it from the bright side, we now can play both versions ☺

  • @Raghavendra-Myla Hi there Ragha! 😄

    From one OSM addict to another: Thank you so much for your lovely post and support . About the leagues' newspapers , the articles are so entertaining sometimes . Haha. Yeah I read them too.
    I wonder sometimes who writes all these things. :thinking:
    Anyways, I'm really glad that you and your brother are enjoying your OSM game that much.:thumbsup_tone2:
    But still... Have you ever thought of any new feature that you like the most or believe it's missing from today's platform? Just think about it and if you come up with any fresh ideas please feel free to make a new post here. Thank you once again & greetings to India my friend ! :handshake_tone2:

  • @Alfonzso_NL192 Hello my friend. ☺
    First of all I'd like to thank you for taking the time to post your idea and desire in here.
    I wish we could do something to make your dream come true too.
    But just like Sabrine tried to explain to you it is so difficult to merge these two sites and versions of the game. Just think about it for a moment. Different servers, different local times, different languages.
    Believe me if there was a way for this to happen I'm sure the designers and developers of OSM would have grabbed that opportunity long time ago.
    But allow me to ask you something else please. You wrote that the Dutch Crews are suffering nowadays . It is a pity that you feel this way but there is a solution you know.
    So, have you ever considered of creating or joining a new crew on the English version?
    Just an idea here, hopefully some food for thought ... and who knows you might find yourself in a new environment , meeting new managers, making new friends and sharing new adventures once again! What do you say mate? Oh and of course if you have any other suggestions about the features of OSM you are welcome to share them with us . I'll be waiting for your news . 😉

    P.S. What's your name btw, if I may ask you? Mine is Sofie . ☺

  • @King Noel

    Noel I'd like to thank you too for your vote & support my friend. ☺
    But I would really appreciate it if you could post your thoughts about our game and its features. C'mon mate. I know you have a great imagination and a creative mind. So any ideas buddy? 😉
    Anything that you'd wish to change , improve or be added for your gaming time? Let me hear it from you if there's something.

    Thanks once again King ! :handshake_tone2:

  • We want supporters in OSM, olee olee 😁

  • @.Scandura23. Haha. Ok Mr. Robert! You want your croud , your fans and supporters yelling for your football players ha? Let's see if we can have this fun feature in the future then. :fingers_crossed_tone2:

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 I hope with all my heart 😄

  • Feel free to discussion restore the old scout

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 thx for the reply

    i only wonder how you did it with the forum then?

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 or better question. .. why did you do it with the dutch forum then? If it can't be fused, i don't see any reason whatsoever to put the dutch forum in this one instead of keeping our old forum??