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    @eslavo1314 , @Naruto-Uzumaki-2014 , @Maob-Kloob

    Hello my mates ! 😄 Old members and new ones .

    Allow me to inform you or remind you that we have created this topic for a purpose.
    For managers from all OSM communities to share their ideas and suggestions in a common room and ideally to bring a discussion about favorite potential future features that could be implemented on OSM platforms from our game developers and designers. 😉

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    Quoted post made by @Cisss-Runiglop - about 4 hours ago

    Why not all logos from clubs, English, Spanish, French, German league !? Also why do not all image players do you want to make this update? If you want when it will be !?

  • recently made quick comeback to osm

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    I like the android version but there is a problem that I think was important to solve in the transfers list.
    In the transfers list of the web version are differentiated the players of the league where you are playing and in the android version is not.

    Web version

    Android version

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    Quoted post made by @Lee-KM - about 12 hours ago


    As an avid player of OSM, i would like to suggest that we include other formations in the Team Of The Week segment in the OSM newspaper. 4-3-3 is the main formation used and formations like 4-2-3-1 are always neglected. I recommend picking the formation used by the top manager in the league of that particular match day or the top manager in the manager list. Because on cup final matches players that didn't perform well on the losing side still gets featured in the team of the week if the winning team uses 4-2-3-1 formation, this is clearly not a good indication of the Team Of The Week, as you are putting players who performed badly in the Team Of The Week.
    I hope you understand where I'm coming from, and hope that you can help change the game for the better.

    Thank you

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    Quoted post made by @harveeyy94

    Have you ever thought about different game modes that people could join leagues in?

    Eg. Manage Liverpool for a season (2 games per day)

    Eg. Manage Liverpool for a season (1 game per day)

    This gives people who play the game often to get the season's done in half the time but also does not ruin the game for the people who enjoy only having a game a day.

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    @harveeyy94 wery good idea.they should do simulation one in the morning an d one in the evening,every body check atleast two times a day.great

  • @Hespera told somebody this: Hi, welcome.

    Those are managers from your previsious season, they where allowed then and now the could join without the invitation.
    If you want a clean league the best thing to do is to let your league discontinue and then start a complete new league

    now my question is: isn't it possible in the next update to select the managers to kick them out after a season, like in the previous version?

    ps: i don't know where i could ask this. So i'm asking it here. If a mod can put on the right page, thx already!

  • @Alfonzso_NL192
    I hope I can kick some manager.

  • @d7om_9 yes after 3 days. But in the previous version you could choose who you wanted to kick after a season, so they wouldn't stay automatically in your competition. I don't have ANY idea why they threw this option away.

    In my opinion OSM 2.0 was far superior on 3.0.
    OSM 3.0 has to many flaws

  • @Alfonzso_NL192
    yeah man.
    I just created a league and i make it private. And 2 manager joined without my permission!

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    Quoted from manager @Morron87
    Give the sound effects on the goals that occur in the osm studio, it will be a significant difference ^^

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    Post Quoted and Moved - made by manager @ASHLAY-VIRAT

    Fouls and Awarding cards ( Especially Yellow Card )

    Dear Application Developer Team,

    I am a big fan of OSM Game, have been playing from last 3 years. But years after years your updates in game ending up with lot of dissatisfaction of this Game Followers.

    1. Training Camps: Irrespective of the Tactics & Team Build , if opponents use Training Camp . obvious lost. Even QPR can beat Real Madrid if they use Training Camp. This is completely bullshit
    2. Yellow Cards: In what world does a goal keeper gets a card by saying not keeping required distance during freekick..? you want him to sleep in goal post or what? and a striker is getting card by saying for denying obvious goal chance.. please rectify your codes and give life to the game with absolute football spirits.

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    Post Quoted & Moved - Made by manager @MRBaptista01 about 6 hours ago

    I really miss the fantasy league where you could have a team with a limited budget and buy your favorite players. If you want the league back please use the hashtag #BringFantasyLeagueBack !

    Reply Quoted and Moved here ; Made by our Moderator @King_Jamiu_10

    Hi, we all love and want the fantasy league back but we have to be patient and hope GB would add it to the available league's in the future.

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    Quoted from @bob907

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    Post Quoted & Moved - Made by manager @D3vilMayCry_NL

    Hi, I don't really like this version of OSM.

    Is it possible to bring back OSM 2, or have both OSM 2 and 3 running?

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    @D3vilMayCry_NL Hi back mate. ☺ Could we read from you what exactly you miss the most from the old version? Cause I hope you can understand that having two different platforms running at the same time for such a complex gamesite isn't the easiest thing you could ask from GB. But you could suggest which features you`d like to return from the old version and be adjusted to the new one. 😉

  • hi you could update when players get injured you could just wait a few hours instead of paying and waiting a long time

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    @bob907 Hi,
    What exactly do you mean by waiting a few hours for injured player to recover? Because as far as OSM is concerned, when players get injured the length of the players injury is stated close to his name on the roster page, training, line up and doctors page. And the length of the players injury is also dependent on how severe he got injured. So managers can use the doctor to heal/treat their players and every treatment section takes up to 14 hours which is the waiting time for each section multiplied by the amount of stated rounds for the injury.

  • request,
    i have not looked so if its already a known bug, my apologies, please fix the statistics page for PC users its always blank i dont use the game via mobile so im not sure if that page is effected in that format

    as for a suggestion

    can we make some of the achievements repeatable?
    like golden boot, superman, unbeatable, lucky shot - the goals that are rare or take some managerial effort to get
    you dont have to award any extra rank just maybe a 10 coin reward for doing it again and a marker like 2x , 3x etc for the accomplishment completed again. and maybe some extra expert rank achievements for getting these things done 100 times