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  • Dutch Users

    My suggestion is to make it possible to change your 'Manager Name'.

    I understand that if they allow each player to change their name as many times as they want, it would become a huge mess and it will be hard to recognize players.

    Therefore I suggest that changing your Manager Name would cost Boss Coins, this way, players would be way more careful and think at least 2 times before changing their username.

    Changing your manager name could be done in the same section as where you can change your clothes.
    I already made an example of how it could look like:


    And to make it even harder for players to keep on changing their usernames, the price of Manager Name changing should double after every past name change.

    I want to change my name for the first time --> I pay 50 Boss Coins to do so.
    But when I want to change my Manager Name for the second time, I'll have to pay 100 Boss Coins to do so. And if I want to change it for the 3rd time, I'll have to pay 200 Boss Coins to do so, etc.

    I think this will prevent players from 'spamming' the name change option in the game.
    (And if you really want to be sure that players still could be recognized after changing their username, there could maybe be a feature that allows anybody to see the complete name history (all past name changes) of a manager when going to that player's settings or something...)

    Let me know what you think of this suggestion! ^.^
    I'm looking forward to receive some feedback!! 😄

    Kind regards,
    ~ Josher

  • @casual1948 said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    Hi, my deardoubleest 🙂 😛
    Let me explain: for example, throughout the Spain's league are a multitude of a 70-79 overall defenders, therefore, maybe I want only players with 78-79 overall, not 70-72; are a multitude of defenders about <25 years, maybe that I want only ones of 20 years, not 25. That's the point.
    I will be happy that you asking for that. ✍

    Good evening Claudius. 🙂

    First of all I wanted to thank you for posting and sharing your thoughts and ideas in here.
    with all of us! 🤝
    Thanks to you we had a good discussion within our CM team about the scouting system and its criteria and if we could change / add / improve it in any way. The final conclusion was that if extra criteria or more specific ones ( age - skills etc ) were to be added then we would be making the Scout's research range narrow.
    Right now Scouting range it's pretty wide for a good reason , so that each manager gets the best chances of actually finding 3 players to match his squad's needs. If we follow your example we almost make a step backwards to the old Scoutlist , with scouts returning empty handed when multiple managers requested for the exact criteria of a player.
    So for the moment we have to stick to our Scout as it is. But for the future , well anything is possible and changes do happen for the best while focusing on one thing : to improve the game's experience and fun. 😉

  • @kvanckantemir said in Player changes and mac narrative:

    Player changes should be earlier and more frequent. The speeches and the board of directors should change.

  • BTW I would like to suggest some additions on the crew page:

    1. Please add how much points and what league positions are the teams and managers so that the management can judge the perfomance . And let the boss or captain change the players in a battle which haven't gone online yet.
  • Spanish Users

    Suggestion related to crew's ranking

    A good idea for me is Create SEASON crew ranking. Each frame of time (6 months, a year) run a season's ranking.

    With that we:

    • Can motivate to crew and managers to try get top positions and get rewarded with maybe coins and one star in their Crests (if they reach top 100 or top 200)

    • Stop massive accumulation of battle points

    • Stop a merely static ranking (There are few changes of positions, imagine how dynamic that ranking will be in the beginning of new season (insane 😀😋😍)

    • With stars in crests that will be recognized as legacy (everybody can see their stars and interpret that they reached top ranking

    Remember this suggestion is for Battles' Ranking, that will be viable because We have few points in top crews (around 15,000) and few months with the "new" ranking system. People will not angry too much, knowing all above good points). Make a season personal ranking will be devastating, manager will be too much angry (imagine people that have 150,000 managers points and years and years of accumulation, not good idea)

  • Hello!
    As a result of this topic: https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.nl/topic/41468/crews-list/2 I am hereby placing some ideas.

    *note: Thanks for your answer on that topic, but what I forgot to mention is that I play on the Dutch version and I have a crew there. I know that there is a search option when you do not have a crew, but can't find this while in a crew.

    Idea: I really like the new crews setup, but I miss something simple what was available at the old crew system. There are a few options.

    • A total crew list. This could be one large list with all crews, or for example multiple pages, or crew lists based on division
    • A search option: Make it easier to find and contact crews and find crew members. Right now there is no way (?) to take a look at random crews. This is something I would like to see on OSM because I also sometimes like to have more information about a crew which we are battleing or play a crew cup against.
    • It would be useful if these ideas would be implemented on both PC and App.

    Thanks for your answer regarding this post!

    • Add on previous post:

    There is currently a Legacy Ranking based on the previous crew system.
    There could also be a list for the new crews system which shows the total amount of Medals(or how it's called on OSM here).

    If would be best if possible to search crews, but also view crews per division, sort on names, medals, nationaly etc. !

    I can add another idea though, this time in case you do Not have a crew. I was looking up crews with my international OSM profile, and I really think OSM can improve there. When I'm looking up crews it doesn't really look 'inviting', I mean when I click on crews it doesn't make me interested in joining a crew. Why? It only shows recommended crews and you can search crews by name. This is too easy.. for example an experienced manager might be looking specifically for a crew which has a higher division. Then to be able to join or first contact the crew's manager to get an invite.. this should really be improved. I personally also like to join a crew which exists for a time already and doesn't play in the lowest division. But it's hard to search for it, the way it is now. Thanks for sharing and goodnight as well !

  • Turkish Users

    Hi, World Forum 🙂 I think, it must be again in osm the bank system like a few years ago. What do you think about that topic ?

  • @jıkalem14 Hello to you too and welcome to the World forum. 🙂 Could you please elaborate your suggestion for us? We still have the feature of depositing the Club funds and earning profit for it from the bank. So I'm not sure what you are trying to say ...

  • @jıkalem14 Look at this picture please >> http://prntscr.com/mp9545

  • Here are a lot of good sugestions but it's not like Gamebasics added any of them yet, so it's becoming a really uselees topic.

  • English Moderator

    Posted by @YellowFlesh

    @yellowflesh said in Put 2 games per day ??:

    Because they do not put 2 games per day, 1 in the morning and the other in the afternoon, local time in each country, so the fastest and smoothest seasons are laughed, I would like them to add that, THANK YOU 😄

  • @king_jamiu_10 hey i have a suggestion for battles.you choose the league but it would be great if i say for now it is italy .you choose the best teams,why do not take the small ones and make it more intense .just my suggestion for the future

  • Hey guys, so lately I've been using the web app to surf through OSM, and I found something that's been giving me quite te headache, and what is that? When one of your slots finishes the season, and you're looking for a club through countries I cannot :

    • Open the league in that specific country in a new tab
    • Go back to select another league, instead it redirects me to the initial screen, so if I for example am thinking about choosing China or Hong Kong as my next team, and I want to go back and see if there's a good team for me in Hong Kong, when I click back I get right to the starting point, making me open everything again

    Solutions for these could be simply

    • Add the option to view the league/country in a new tab
    • Breadcrumb navigation so you don't get redirected to the starting page, instead you can go back to continents and continue browsing


  • Russian Users

    I am sure there are lots of players like me, who created their account in 2010 or many years ago and i think the option to be able to change your name should be available with Boss Coins. I am sure your incomes will grow and it's a good move for the community also.

  • Dutch Users

    @amigo7603 said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    I am sure there are lots of players like me, who created their account in 2010 or many years ago and i think the option to be able to change your name should be available with Boss Coins. I am sure your incomes will grow and it's a good move for the community also.

    I already suggested that, so ofcourse I agree...!!
    See index nr. 423 on this thread for a way more extensive version of this suggestion 😉

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    Posted by @cis1runiglop

    @cis1runiglop said in Update!?:

    Nice greeting!
    Maybe update on 3D match or 2D match and more season with one club no only one season.Game will then be amazing. 😄
    Thanks on understending,
    with respect!

  • Gamebasics should really work with "Newspaper" the way it is now it's boring and they have to do something with that "line up of the week" it looks terrible just naming the players under the football pitch pic. and not on the pitch.

  • Italian Users

    I suggest to include a knockout tournament in the special championships

  • English Moderator

    Posted by @Majstor-Matt

    @majstor-matt said in [Suggestion] Unable invites for accounts that have all their slots occupied:

    As title sais I am proposing here some game feature that will make accounts that have all 4 of their slots occupied unavailable to invite to join your league. It is really annoying to have couple invites per day and having to decline them one by one even though you have all your slots occupied.

    Also its pointless for me to be able to send out invites to people that are unavailable to join me in my league, Im just wasting my time inviting them because they have all their slots occupied and are not available to join me even if they want.

    Anyway, I'd appreciate If this was discussed and looked into it. It would really be helpful not needing to delete invites every days just in order to be able to see if I have any private message in my inbox. Its really annoying when you are awaiting for someone to reply to your inbox and every time you think you maybe have a message in your inbox you just see its another invite to join someone elses league, even though you ahve all your slots occupied and are not available to join.