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  • i play in the nationsleague and have a player in my team name sosa but he s also on the tranferlist how is that possible
    note my englisch is not so good i am sorry

  • I have never seen scoring a goal with crossbar, the ball touch firstly the crossbar and enter goal. It is good if you add this and denied the goal because of the offside position on the match experience.

  • @supernova-8 said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    @lorenzo-beckham Said in Friendly Free? :

    Hello, I have come to make a request: It will be better to put the friendlies for free, it is easier than paying 4 chips, it is better to put it for free, try many tactics, if you pre-pay for many chips. Thank you

  • Suggestion: Give a option for block invites to specific managers

    Im frustrated some times because there are some managers that have a "hobby" to send me a lot invites and I dont want join their leagues. I already text with them that stop sending me invites in a good manner. But they continue sending me invites. I have a lot people that do that to me.

    So, what if OSM give us a option to block invites from specific manager? Will be great. And problem resolved.

    Please, staff, devs help with this 😪

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    Hello. I am coming with 3 suggestions:

    1. Do you think that the crew ranking for system battles can also be sorted by countries? It will be a good way to see which crews are the best in the country (maybe not all the countries have crews in Top 100)
    2. I think that the rule of 1 battle is not really good. Of course we can play friendlies in that time, but for some managers who are for the first time in a crew, it would be a great training to start 2 battles instead of one 😉
    3. After a mistake of a crewmate, who entered by mistake with slot 1 in the crew league, I've been thinking if there is a way to make an update to change a team from slot X to slot Y as I know the resignation and re-joining the league is not possible anymore.

    Thank you for reading my suggestions. Have a great day! 😉

    Five stars to suggestion 3. It's a big problem in the battles. In my crew, we've this recurring problem. Sometimes, when a newbie enter to the crew and enter to the battle inmediatly, and later he doesn't play anymore, the team is playing with 4 players, without possibility for leader to get out the player. It must be some chance of change, at least for the crew leader.

  • Do you guys know that there is no more FYR Macedonia? It is already since some months ago North Macedonia..

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    @rödvitt League Updates - 3 days ago ...


    I guess the league name will change too sooner or later

  • Hello everyone,

    Would it be possible to have access to the forums through the Android app? Is it being considered/was considered before?


  • I’m quite new to the game. But as I will be finishing my first seasons in the coming days I have a newbie suggestion.

    Please let us write our own press releases!

    Once a day you should have the opportunity to give your own statement about the matches, transfers or whatever comes to mind.

    Why? It would be great to have a place to rant about yesterday’s match, tease today’s opponent or whatever may come to mind (as long as it stays civil).

    After all, OSM is a community game, and this addition would largely improve that community within each and every league.

    Of course, it would need some ground rules and should be moderated (like through a „report abuse“ function). And the press room should be more prominently placed within the menu (or have „new press release“ notifications). But this should be manageable.

    Finally, I think this could also help to keep everyone more active. In all leagues I‘m playing, it’s the same picture. 2 to 4 successful teams stay active, the others resign or disappear. If you added this non-competitive feature everyone can have fun with, the one or the other might stay active and enjoy the league even if they do not succeed.

    What do you think? Can I have this, let’s say by the end of next week? 😉

  • @blob59 the game has a great fan base in Morocco but the local league wasn't updated in years i know the management is doing such a hard work and all but updating certain leagues like that could add up to the game and bring more players thank you

  • @some-name that's a good idea mate

  • About private league 🤔
    We know all that it is between friends or maybe between members who have a deal between them 🤗
    In general, these league has as purpose to challenge 💪💪💪

    So my oppinion is add on settings the possibility of prevent reseign :
    As we allow or prevent traning camp
    We can allow or prevent the reseign 👍👍

    I think this option will make league more competitive and managers will like it 👍👍🔥🔥🔥

  • @elsayed-23 said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    About private league 🤔
    We know all that it is between friends or maybe between members who have a deal between them 🤗
    In general, these league has as purpose to challenge 💪💪💪

    So my oppinion is add on settings the possibility of prevent reseign :
    As we allow or prevent traning camp
    We can allow or prevent the reseign 👍👍

    I think this option will make league more competitive and managers will like it 👍👍🔥🔥🔥

    Great idea! 👏

  • Hi
    When you open any club squad you can see the club name , the manager nane , then the posotion , the objective, the stadium , the squad rating , the squad value and finally the form 👍
    This is on web version.
    This is very good 🔥🔥
    But my suggestion is to add also "the squad age average"
    Nice features and easy to add 👍👍👍

    Also on app version 🔥🔥🔥
    Thank you

  • With the addition of Crew chat please allow API access for bots, for example Discord bots. They could retrieve the playing scheme, current standings, maybe even a reminder when training has ended. I think this will make sure users interact more with the game itself.

    You could restrain the bots by only allowing data from the crew competition or all leagues crew members are in, maybe ask for permission by these trainers themselfs. I think there is a lot of potential here and I think this is something that would benefit a lot of users.

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    Posted by @dudejuao

    @dudejuao said in ranking teams with stars:

    rank teams with stars,from half a star to 5 stars.

  • i would propose new achievements for 2020 :
    ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇
    Goal Machine 700 goals scored in a year (1 slot)
    Tactical One 300 games won in a year (1 slot)
    Oil Money buy 1500 players in a year (1 slot)
    Rain of Points reach 50,000 points in a year 1 slot )

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    POSTED BY @SadStar

    @sadstar said in Unbalanced:

    I love the game but I cannot see why when I are training players I cannot train who I want to train and not the strict rule of one forward, one midfielder, one defender and one goalie. I many want to strengthen my defence and train four defenders. Or I may want t train all my goalies to get a better price for them.

    If I am managing 2 or three teams why can I not offer loans to my other teams or swap players even?

    The system of Stadium expansion should have a halfway stage that gets you half the benefits so you can build up more equally across your stadium and training.


  • @furrax_nl said in Crew Chat Update:

    @dhrubo-ii said in Crew Chat Update:

    Another problem we came across after this update is that we can no longer see which member left (or joined) the crew. It used to update us in the old crew chat, but that's no longer the case. Maybe osm should implement a tracker display (like how it used to be years ago - attached below) to make easier to track who joined and who left the crew.


    Bring this back!!!

  • I strongly suggest a confirmation to be displayed before selling a player through a negotiation offer. I just accidentally sold my best goalkeeper by a very low fee, just because my app got a little slow and my thumb slid on the ACCEPT button. This is very frustrating, as I had been weeks training him, and I'm not sure if I will be able to buy him back.
    Please consider adding this feature, so no other training has this problem again in the future (This happened while playing on the android app).

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