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  • I can see we have a few new posts about ideas and suggestions concerning the OSM features. It would be great if some of you could bring these thoughts here for further discussion. 😉

  • Portuguese Users

    Don't know if this has been sugested already, but to me this is quite important to analyse team performance in a match.

    The shots should be split by shots on target and shots of target. Also OSM should add a clear cut change statistic for each match.

    One team can make 20 shots from long range with litle to no danger, but a team can make 4 shots head to head with the keeper. What we can see righ now is 20 shots vs 5 shots. We all would think the team that made the 20 shots deserved to win, when in reality the team with the 5 shots was much closer to win the game.

  • Let's see if we have any fresh ideas from you all about what to add or how to improve our football game 🙂

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Hi Sofie! I previously talked to you and you have extra-addiction to this game! Well I have nothing much to say. I have already posted my ideas to the topics, though none of them is accepted till now. And I don't have the mood now to elaborate my thoughts as I don't like to type much (I'm lazy). But I appreciate your topic! Keep it up!

  • @OitchentaOtcho Hello my friend and thank you for your post. 🙂
    About your suggestion... I could see from your game profile that you are using your Android phone to loggin for your game. That's great! I hope that means you have downloaded and use the OSM app too. Cause if you check out the Match Experience feature every time after a round is finished you will see that you're able to learn in details about each shot that had taken place during your match. I'm sure you'll find it most interesting and enlightening for your future strategic plans. 😉
    Best of luck mate! And greetings to Portugal ! :raising_hand_tone1:

  • @Anirban-Bora Haha. 😄 Hello again Anirban! Yeah, I'm an OSM addict for sure. Thank you for your post my friend and if you ever get rid of that laziness 😆 I would love to read your thoughts and suggestions on this topic. Cause I'm trying to gather them all in here, it's easier for our game developers to check them out from one topic.
    Tip : Just copy - paste any ideas of yours in here too if possible. 😉

  • Sorry to pop in so out of the blue in this topic but... I'd like to see flags of players countries in my squad section. I really miss that.. on the androind version its still there, dont see why it had to be removed from web version, its not like there is no place for it 😕

  • @Majstor-Matt These flags?

  • @SpecialOne Yeah, would be nice if they would be visible in normal view (when the page is on 100%). Cause I know they are here if you set your zoom on 50% or even less, but you know what I mean 😛

  • @SpecialOne If there is no place for them, then I'd remove those squad numbers. Dont see a point in them and they take out valuable space where flags could be.

  • @Majstor-Matt No! Squad number is important! It helps to manage whom I should train in which match. It also helps my mental satisfaction! And moreover, many things can be seen in Squad. I think Squad number is more important than country flags.

  • @SpecialOne Ah ! That looks so nice with the coloured flags. 🙂 But unfortunately I can't view them on my screen. I tried to minimize it , but still nothing . On my web version that is of course. 😞 I have no idea why for some beautiful details or important infos I have to minimize my screen to see them or read them. Is it a matter of the laptop's screen size maybe? Have no clue. 😕

  • Yeah, this is a resolution issue.... your screen resolution has to be wider than 1600 pixels.

    I'll be asking if we can lower this and make them visible for lower resolutions too, but not sure if it won't cause some other problems!

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Yeah! Same case here. I can see the flags upto 80% zoom.

  • @Majstor-Matt
    Matt is right, it would be nice to see the flags of the countries. Squad numbers are totally useless

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 @SpecialOne
    Okay I managed to overcome my laziness 😆 and here are my suggestions:

    1. For GK, The stats should be of Clean Sheets(CS) instead of Gls!
    2. In some lower leagues (e.g. Indian league) there is problem with Player Overalls and Team objectives (e.g. relegation threatened teams having Obj 1st).
    3. There should be more than one league running . Example: When I play Leicester City, only EPL teams are partially managed by humans and other leagues are by computer. It would be more fun if I am directly negotiating players with Borussia Dortmund or Atletico Madrid (human controlled).
    4. There should be a part of screen ribbon (e.g. Home, team etc.) named Chat (instead of Profile area) where managers from different leagues can post some comments (only a few) about their next matches (instead of randomized in newspaper).
    5. When I take a team e.g . Leicester City , I should be able to play Champions League with the League in the same slot (not in separate slot).
      Hope you all like my suggestions. If you like then I can add some more in the future!

  • @Anirban-Bora said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom For All The Community:

    Okay I managed to overcome my laziness and here are my suggestions

    Ahahahaha. :rofl: Thank you so much Anirban. :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Hi Julian @Julz420 . 🙂
    Could you please use this central topic for any suggestions and new ideas about the game? I'd really appreciate it, just copy and paste your text from the topic you've opened earlier. Thanks mate. 😉

  • So since I downloaded the app onto my phone I've been watching my games so I wanted to raise a few suggestions. Firstly I've noticed that players seem to try over head kicks regularly which isn't what happens in the real world. Another suggestion is I'd like to see my goalkeeper's name and the other team's goalkeeper instead of the commentators always referring to the goalkeeper as the goalkeeper; its just a bit strange hes the only player on the pitch who's name doesn't get used. Finally I wanted to suggest before the match begins the commentators mention the points and positions of the team because other than the top leagues I normally forget how good the other team is and you can't check without skipping obviously. Hopefully I will see some of these soon 🙂

  • Another suggestion is to allow players to see the whole team before signing for a club so you can see the ages and ratings of players (work rate, not overall), factors which will influences you formation and transfer. Also if you are joining a league that is already underway it would better if you could look at the league and team before you join, in most cases when a big team is available in an underway league it means the team has been ruined or is massively underachieving, or both.

    @SUPERNOVA-8 Before I pasted that other message you suggested going onto the league and then watching the game after if you wanted a recap on positions.. well if you did that you would know the score and it would be pointless watching the game.