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  • @TomoTimi
    Extremely agree with your suggestion

  • I wanted to thank OSM for this excellent tool already on the web, some time ago I remember requesting it.



    1. Do I love this game, although I haven’t played for very long, but I love the board. I do think that they should say more things tho

    2. I also think it would be cool if They added Commentators to the game, that would be super cool

    3. I was thinking it would be very cool if there was like a special mode where you had a specific amount of money, and you use your money to buy the perfect squad, and you can create your own team.

    4. I think it would be EPIC if you had a create your own player option in the transfer list. You would pay some boss coins and you can set your name, pic, age, position, and skill. Then you can buy yourself and add you to your team. The the more skill you give yourself, the more money you have to pay. Anyway, that’s all for now, and I think it would be SOOO cool if you could use my ideas.

  • @Supersuperb - I agree that The Board should say more to us (but then again it'd be a bit boring to see the board waffle to us in my opinion)

    -On the mobile app, they do have commentary, they don't have it on the website app though unfortunately (The OSM team is probably looking into this for the future).

    -OSM once did have the 'fantasy league' but they removed it some time ago, BUT they are looking into adding it back into the system some time soon. How long? I don't know!

    -I think that the create your own player option is a GREAT idea it'd be amazing to add a customized player into a team and train them into elite prodigies. I think it'd be a bit costly (if you upgrade your player to a high level with transfer money) but worth it in the long term!

  • @Supersuperb
    Number 4 don't agree

    Our lovely osm is beautiful because it is simple 😌😌

  • Creating your own player , I don't like the idea 🤗

  • @نااانسي-عجرم I do love the simplicity of OSM, I still think that it would be fun tho.

  • I think that this would be a pretty cool and unique idea to the game to create your own player!

    The customized player you make can:

    • Be aged between 20-29
    • Can play in any selected position (Attacker,Midfielder,Defender or Goalkeeper)
    • Can train like normal players
    • Have a rating between 78-110 (110 is the maximum potential the player can reach)

  • I have a small suggestion regarding the scout. The thing is when the scout returns and we click on it, it requires us to click on 'Complete' to view the scouted players. However not always do we remember the 'criteria' of players we set to scout. During the scouting process, we do see an overview of the criteria, but that disappears after the scout returns. Therefore I think it's better if OSM keeps the criteria overview even after the scout returns, so we know exactly the criteria of players we scouted in case we forget sometimes.

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    @nicocos_NL Said In
    Suggestions about tournament:


    I have two suggestions for the tournament:

    • Transfers
      Please disable the transfers for teams that are knocked out. You often see team selling all their best players for the lowest possible price. Sometimes to the same team. That isn't realistic anymore.
    • Knockout phase
      It would be much better to do it like the Champions League, with a home- and away-game and not only one game.

    Kind regards,

  • Hello to all 🤝 👋 👋

    I am very happy with the update that allows you to see the values ​​of the teams and the statistics of the championship 😊
    Congratulations 🙌 👏

    I write because I have 2 suggestions that can be nice and useful
    fistly I like to follow other tournaments (championships of other managers or battles) and for me it could be interesting to add next to the ranking, list manger, value of the team and statistics also the overview of the cup so as to understand at what point it is, who has passed or who is less , final , semifinal etc (i hope you will understand my request) 🤞 🤞

    Second but similar to first idea i thing it can be added also to the elite cup (champions league) because if I see a champions league of a friend or other league I can only see the group stage but not the final elimination stages and therefore always next to the section of the classification , list managers and value of team it would be useful an overview of final stages, who is pass and who eliminated, the final , semifinal etc 😊 😊

    Let me know if i was clear and if the idea can be possible to add and if it could be interesting 🤙
    Zubi 👋

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 do you know if the web version of the game will be updated to have the same quality and features as the app?

  • @Supersuperb they should a psychologist who would increase the morale of the players. Also, does training affect the players fitness?

  • @Supersuperb I think that if they did add a psychologist, then it wouldn't do much... This is because a players morality increases or decreases depending on the team form or it can also increase/decrease if they are not selected for a long time or not selected at all. So a psychologist wouldn't make much of a difference as they can only motivate a player not the whole team.

  • Hello. I saw the team objectives and value of the teams in England and i suggest that you make Liverpool a first place objective team instead of Chelsea. I think it's fair to say that Liverpool has the better team in OSM (given the value of the players. It's just a suggestion).

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    @AndreiNicula89 Hello and welcome to World forum 🙂

    Since your suggestion has to do with Clubs and players , please have a look at this topic ~ https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/1518/real-world-player-errors-corrections/63?page=4
    and if possible make a new detailed post about your thoughts with legit infos as explained on the topic.
    Thank you . 😉

  • Hi
    Serious suggestion:
    Today's football; we know all that Pep Guardiola is one of the best on coaching and one of the creative of the new football style👍

    I want to say that PEP's favourite tactic is "4141" 🔥🔥🔥
    As you know this tactic is not allowed on osm 😏😏

    So I suggest to add the tactic with for example 4 players forwards or midfielders 😁

    At the same time we can mix the tactic 523a and 523b on one tactic just 523 👍

    Managers ! Plaese give your opinion and support 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

  • @نااانسي-عجرم i would suggest free tactics forming like im Football Manager where you can create your own formation. In addition i would like to see players with multiple playable positions (like in almost every other football game).

  • @IvanAndal
    Yes i agree with you but we already suggest that ; (by the way it's not easy to develop it ; it's too complicated to able each player choose his own tactic and make more players specific positions)

    But this is Pep's tactic😁

  • @نااانسي-عجرم i understand that, but i play OSM for more than 10 years, I think that is more than enough time to develop something like that. Top eleven has it since its begining, those yearly manager games have it, actually i think osm is the only game which doesn't have it and i bealive it would really be a game changer. I love OSM but the lack of incentive and ambition from the game developers is disturbing and dissapointing 😞

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