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    I think that the first criterion of tiebreaking of the classification should be the direct confrontation and not the difference of the goals because in no real championship this happens.

  • @José-Louro Hello Jose. ☺

    May I ask you please what is this new topic that you opened about? Is it about the WCC maybe?

  • Jose and I had a brief chat via our chat boxes and he explained to me what this topic is about .

    Our mate wanted to make a suggestion about the OSM game and how each league / championship determins the final winner of it. I quote his words for us:

    " I recently lost the San Marino championship because I had a worse goal difference than the opponents and I'm here suggesting that the tie-breaker was by direct confrontation."

    Rare situation for 2 managers to have same similar results of wins - draws etc and the winner to have to be determined in the end by the number of goals scored from each squad / manager.

    So what do you say about it guys ? Anybody else that agrees on the direct confrontation to determine the final winner of a Championship?