I can't use my third slot !!

  • I can't use my third slot
    the days that are required to pass in order to give me the ability to use my third slot has already passed ! and the picture shows you something not in english meant "The manager slot is available"
    I keep clicking everywhere in the red marked area shown in the picture but nothing happens
    I hope you help me slove this as fast as possible

    thank you
    alt text

  • English Moderator


    This is because you're trying to open your slot 3 from your profile page (profile >> slot). When you want to manage/access a team in any of your slot, you have to use the career page. (Click on your manager icon at the top right corner of your screen and you'll get a drop down menu, click on career and on your career page you can click on the club slot you want to access).

    Alternatively, you can use this link to get to your career page >> http://ar.onlinesoccermanager.com/Career