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    guys iam a new manager iam managing west ham iam buying new defenders I just wanna know if the age of players makes a difference in their performance or costs?

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    Hi, welcome to OSM and forums.

    Players age do not affect their performance as a 90 rated attacker age 19 will perform same way as another 90 rated attacker of age 30. The rating is what matters as regards performance.

    However, older players tend to lose fitness quicker than younger players while younger players train and improve faster than older players. Hence, younger players are more expensive than the older ones.

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    @king_jamiu_10 thanks a lot
    can u tell me what to focus on improving first defenders or gk or midfield or attack

    I currently focus on Defense-GK-Mids-attacks plesase tell if this order is right?

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    @arsenic-venger there is no right order in team improvement, it all depends on what and how you like to play and which position you think is more important to start with. But what I can tell you is that you should focus in building an overall strong team in all position.
    For me, a uniform team with 80 rated players in all position is better than a team mixed with 90, 70, 50 & 60 rated players.

    Remember, you are the manager of your team, you know what's best and suits your team and you alone make the calls.

    Good luck with your career mate, Manage Like A Boss!

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