scout doesnt does his job!

  • When i'm sent my scout out...with "Midfielder" "<25 talent", "90+" i get not the results as i aspected...

    i get an midfielder, 36 year, 86-88-87. (i use the quick comeback function with the "osm" points). i tried it 4 times...and there where 2 player under 25 years old but still not 90+ rating:(:(:(


  • @djeem87_nl Hi, welcome.
    The scout does his job, only when he comes back with players not exactly matching with your criteria then there are no players available within that search range.

    So if that happens the first time it's best not to try it again with same criteria, but to wider your search range instead.

    You also have to keep in mind that there a not that many 90+ players <25 and those players are most of the time gone first.