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  • Hello,

    I think that is a problem with my league's transfer list.

    Can't sell any player, already remove/add again with a lower price but CPU doesn't buy them.

    In my league Argentina sell them easily with higher prices.

    my leagues is "Coupe du Monde 2018 Bleu" and my team is Serbia.


  • @sir-kanina

    I have had this with various teams, longest being 12 days without a sale. Whereas with some teams it is easier.

    The system is random so it is frustrating but not really a game issue ;(

    One of my tricks is to buy a player from the TL and then put him back on there at a higher price as a back up plan to those who do not sell thereby managing to have some activity and possibly buying the players I need.

  • @hans-orf it's really frustating. Turns difficult to improve my team. The other teams have daily transfers, me instead not eve a "weekly transfer"! 😞

    I use that trick too. I always pick weak teams so its the only way to get some money, but thanks for the advice anyway 😉

  • @sir-kanina

    My inactivity on the TL has lost me a few titles. ;(

  • English Moderator


    Like it has always been stated here, transfers are random and every manager will have to figure out a way on how to sell their players on the transfer list.

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