• Hello,
    Firstly, you are the stuff here and you should answer our questions or problems messages. We sended messages many times and nobody answer to our messages. I want to know why ? There is must be reason.
    We sended messages to all stuff our Turkish and English or who is the in charge here and nobody answer to our measages, we sended e mail and got nothing. Why you doing this what is the problem? Our crew stolen with illegal way. This crew this family created 4 years ago and we spend lot of things to this crew, we spend our time here. And nobody want fix or help us. Someone stole our crew and we can’t take it back. And you are not helping us. We want to know WHY ? If we spend a money and time to this game we have a right here and this must be protected.if it doesn’t then there is nothing serious. The only thing I want to know is why nobody cares about it?

  • @SpecialOne

    Why you didn’t want to answer our messages? What’s the matter ?

  • Eventually Our Crew What is We gave much more things for 5 years, and Today our Crew disbanded. Nobody, Nobody did even want to help us, Not even responded our messages. Is this right? is this include the game rules? Anyway, Thank you for did nothing..

  • And finally yesterday we took back our CREW. you should close this topic.

  • English Moderator