TCs of the others can no longer be seen

  • Until 2 months ago I could see when against the other managers in the league were put camps. This helped me a lot calculating the total number of the used training camps, which is one of the most important things in each battle. For example I can't see nor the camps used against my colleague in the national team Palahanov, nor the ones used against him and I know that there are such because I have screenshots for this and this way we still calculte them.... But agree with me; it will be easier if we are all just able to see such simple thing with our own eyes instead of asking around every round.
    0_1534748005386_jhnmjhm.png l

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    This is something that was changed even before implementation of OSM 3.0. This is how the engine works these days, so there is nothing to be fixed here.

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