• I dont know if you are noticed of the critical economical situation of Argentina. But it isnt the point. Two years ago, my friends and me, started to pay a travel to celebrate our high school graduation. This travel is valuated in dollars, and with cathastrophic devaluation agravated in this last days (but started some months ago), three of my friends cant continue paying this travel (the wages of ours parents are in pesos and didnt increased).
    We are doing a lot of things to recaudate money (selling our things, selling food, etc), but the travel date is in December and we think that we will not can recaudate all the necesary money, aproximaly 2000 dollars.
    If you donate something, that you can, one dollar or less, you will be helping a lot. Thanks for reading.

  • English Moderator

    Sorry to hear that mate but this is not the place to advertise such things....