Why do the top ranked players play on specific countries all the time?

  • Hey guys, there's this thing that i've been noticing now and I know that you probably have as well. Why do the top ranked players play on specific countries all the time? Like for instance the top 5 players on the Community > Ranking section are always playing on Honduras and Albanian country league, they always pick the lowest teams and always win with them.

    Does this mean that they have cracked the code and each time they play they always win? Like all of them are always the league winners and the cup winners in those leagues.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Maybe you have to ask them?? Maybe you have to think a bit more about this and find the answer yourself ?? Maybe they do this cause they like to play on those leagues?? One thing is for sure : there isn't any code to break.....they are good managers, they make good teams and they manage to win the leagues they decide to play...there aren't TOP managers for nothing.....

  • To get more manager points for ranking

  • @de-xrist
    Hey Christ, how's life treatin' ya?

    I tried to find the answer but I never managed to.

    Thanks for your effort.

    There must be a reason why all of them chase the same team in the same country and get that many points.

  • Hi, it turned out that is more productive to play in short leagues for gaining of points. If you have a perfect season, you can reach to 7000-8000 points, while if you have a good/perfect season in a league of 20 teams, you can reach around 10000 points or more (rarely 12000.) In addition, neither you don't grab to play against all of 20 managers, because many of them, suddenly quit. So, you can make 7000 points in term of 22 days (league of 10 teams) or you can make 10000 in term of 43 days (league of 20 teams.)
    Draw a conclusion!

    About codes... they are "pro" managers, as me, as you, with some experience versus, most times, newbies, namely new users or managers which doesn't play at an advanced level (battle between crews, competitions, etc.)