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    i am playing a champions league and today is the last weak in the league and it was against a player which just joined the league 4 days ago and i won 11-1 and that made me won the league

    and the opponent who was about to win the league lost it because i won (but its his mistake cuz he lost his last game or else he would won the league even if i won that game)

    and then that opponent got angry and started mailing me that i am a cheater but i did not know why
    but after checking the squad of that team i played against i found that he switch the defender and made him play as a goalkeeper and that why i won 11-1 but i did not knew that he did that switching

    and that opponent is putting blame on me that i am playing with the 2 accounts and he had threat me that he will report against me to block my account
    and i am scared that u will believe in him and block my account

    how may i prove its not me even i know nothing about him or why did he switch players and lost that way and putting me in a bad situation

    and i have attached the messages in which he send me threats


  • @rabieras Hi, welcome.
    Just ignore the guy and let the guy report it as long as you didn't break terms you've nothing to worry about.