My wins/draws/losses just disappeared

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    My wins, draws and losses from since I registered, more than 3 years ago, simply disappeared, altough the number of points achieved is there. I could not insert a PS so you can understand it better and locate the error, because when I click in "career", it relocates me to the initial page over and over again. Also I am going to start day 1 in the South Korean League and when I logged in a few minutes ago, my main page was informing me to choose a team, after being there 10 minutes before preparing my team to the "battle"!

    I went on searching my league and my previous team and maybe I have my first resignement. I don't want to resign or have resignation stats!!!

    One more question: in the "world domination", if I start a sub account the percentage increases or it will start from scratch? I have 34% now. If I play a league in a sub account the percentage will rise or will I have 2 different percentages, for example?


  • @caditonuno Hi, welcome.
    This is related to this topic i-m-kicked-out-from-my-league

    So I will close this one and you can follow that topic.