• The game's algorithm needs to be improved. I have a team with a staff value of 470 million and have been defeated against the team with a value of only 320 million. I set my tactics in line with the data I got from the spy. And the outcome of the match is 1-0. This wasn't supposed to happen. At least he could have ended up in a draw. I think this is due to the bad algorithm of the game.

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  • @nightrichtr
    why bad game ?
    if the other manager has a good team and found some good tactics, everything is possible...that's the beauty of this game...

  • So Real Madrid shouldn't have lost with CSKA, i mean, they have spied them for sure and they're budget is 50x bigger.

    Dude is football, deal with it. If it was easy and predictable to win i think nobody would like the game. 😉