• Yesterday I loged in before 8 o´clock to get my team ready for the game.
    After 8 o´clock I checked in again to see te results.
    However There was still the same result from the day before.
    Checking te ´´stopwatch´´ ( to see in how many hours the game starts ) it says in 23 hours or maybe 22 hours the next game will start. But it was against the same oppont, for the same round.
    I started to train my players to get them better.

    This morning I logged in again and I saw the game was played.
    This is weird! I changed my team and did not select y best players to play.
    Now I got a Lost.

    Is something happened with the simulation time yesterday ?
    Is it possible to simulate this round again ?

  • @fuubfuub_nl Hi, welcome.
    Simulations can take up till 10pm NL time.
    So the chance is very big that simulation was not completely finished yet at the time you've checked.

    If theire has been something weird regarding your players it's wise to change password etc.
    Because settings doesn't change on it's own.

  • @hespera

    I Understand.
    But then it should soy Game in progress.
    Now the clock was counting down to the next game.
    I am Sure about this.

  • @fuubfuub_nl It appears that here has indeed a small issue with servers and counter was reset too early.
    We're sorry, but there's nothing we can do about this now.