• Good evening
    The administrative brothers I wish to help me solve my problem j I got a topic a few days ago and I asked you to return my league which was opened by me in my account and I put my other account in this game knowing that this account is my official account I am tired for a full year and progressed in the world ranking And achieved more than ninety Cup and Tvjaa later that the accounts were attended and not them any violation or fraud and I am now confused I can not start my career from scratch I hope you will return my account to me on behalf of Alshasany and be thankful to you and verify that there is no connection between the accounts or any Cheating does not punish me for blocking my account without any Cheating or violation of the terms and conditions of the best coach I wish to restore my account and I would be thankful for your efforts and I hope to reply as soon as possible because I want to continue this account and progress in the global ranking
    I apologize for the delay and thank you very much

  • @alalal2020 Hi, welcome.
    It's to be adviced for you to start reading our osm terms.
    Also appeals and cheating will not be discussed at our forums, if you want to appeal then you can login to the locked/suspended account via website.