• My teams receive early straight red cards quite often, even when i'm playing normal. Like an attacker who gets a red card after two minutes of play for spitting at the referee. And it's not just once a season, no. I have this nonsense multiple times a season, and it is getting a bit boring. Such an unrealistic factor of this game.

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    Why unrealistic? Don't you think this also happens in real life?

    Take a look at this

    I'm sure that a lot of you can find a lot of other examples on your country leagues!

  • @specialone

    Perhaps a better approach to communication with a user query might be preferable. Like finding out if this occurs dependent on ref or tactics (high press) instead of shutting them down with IRL cases even if true.

    In my limited experience it is rare to get a red card if you keep an eye on the ref. Though your opponent might have a counter tackling tactic that causes reaction i.e. reckless v aggressive/normal.

  • @hans-orf User wasn't complaining about getting a red card, he was complaining about early red cards....

    Red cards can happen with even fair tactics...

    There are so many situations that may lead to red cards early in the game.... I don't remember which was the one on that match, but I'm pretty sure that there should be easy for users to find a lot in real life.
    I moved this topic to this category, to allow managers to provide other examples if they want to. If the idea was to 'shut it down' I would give him a 'standard answer' about combination of tactics/ref/luck and closed topic 😉