• I write with Maria's account, since I can not access mine. Last night he asked me for the credentials of my purple Guardiola Ciabatta account that I do not even remember having put, so I could not access it. Later, after sending an email, I received an answer where they reported me my infraction (I passed the players from other accounts and I logged out to passarmeli). the problem is that I have not done any logout and the only players that I have been sold at a low enough price have been sold by my friends (if they are not able to play, it's not my problem) via pc and android while I I use ios ... I do not understand how they can think it's me since they are not even similar devices ... I contacted several times the assistance but the only answer was that they did not provide help to those who do not respect the rules, which I did, so if anyone can help me to recover it or to understand how I would be grateful. Roberto

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