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    Hello, Ive been playing this game since 2013 hardly ever missed a game and transfers etc,I now run 4 teams and have the same problem in three of the leagues I am in..It is only week 19 yet one manager has already got 16 players over 100 ability out 19 players in the team, he also owns *** and *** etc etc...How is it possible to get such a team after 19 games especially since he is owning ***, they start a genuine season with a mediocre team to say the least..I can't work out how they cheating but common sense tells me they must be..What satisfaction do they get out of destroying every team with an unfair setup?

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    Cheating will never be discussed, reported or handled through forums.

    If you suspect cheating you have to report it through our system by going to the managers profile and use the "report cheater" tool you find there.