Still no plans of fixing the transfers bug?

  • Spanish Users

    In some international leagues such as the Blue/Reds world cup, or the Nations League A/B to buy players is permitted. Since you haven't added any lock to which player someone is able to buy, you get things such like Spain buying Dybala, or Gabriel Jesus playing with Russia. Aren't you going to fix this?

  • Spanish Users

    Also this leads to more errors. For example, in the Nations League B I'm playing, the manager playing with Bosnia just bought Danny Ward (Leicester City goalkeeper). Since he is also in the Welsh national team, the same player is playing with two different teams in the same league!!

  • Hi, welcome.
    This isn't a bug at all, so there's nothing to fix.

    It's an update that transfers are standard on in those leagues, league moderators have the choise to turn transfers off.

  • Spanish Users

    But shouldn't updates improve the game and make it more realistic? This one does exactly the opposite. I don't think it makes sense that a National Team is able to buy players from other nationalities.
    At least have you thought of the option of adding a lock to transfers, where a National team is only permitted to buy players that are of the same nationality?

  • @mr-patas A huge amount of managers like to do transfers even in those leagues, so we've updated it with the possebillity for league moderator to turn it off if they don't want transfers in those leagues.