playing in the same competition

  • Dutch Users

    I found out that i could manage with my second slot a team thats not taken yet in the same competition... I didnt sign the contract now because i dont want to be cheaten so iam not 100 procent sure.. But just want to know if this is aloud and if not than letting you know its a bug 🙂

  • Spanish Users

    I've noticed the same thing. It is very weird, in case it is a bug hope they fix it soon

  • Hi, welcome.

    That shouldn't be possible.

    On which platform is this and could you guys please provide us every step rhat you take including screenshots?

  • Dutch Users

    Just do it yourself.. It was the dutch server
    Open the new slot > Open the country you playing in(Eredivisie) > Filter by competitionview(instead of standardview) > Now scroll down till you find the competition that match the amount of managers in your leauge and the same round of game you are at...

    In my case there where 4 leagues that where at round 14 with 13/18 managers.. I just checked them all 4 and one of them showed the league i was playing in with slot 1. I clicked on a team and they wanted to give me a contract... I didnt "sign" because i didnt know if it is aloud and/or i would lose my other team in the league... So iam not sure if it would work.. You might want to try it out yourself with a staff account 🙂

  • @liamluck_nl Hi , i know it is possible, you can easily see teams in league where you have slot. But when you click 'sign contract' it pops out a new window saying its not possible, you have already slot on this league

  • Dutch Users

    Alright.. wasnt sure because didnt want to take the risk signing 😛

  • You indeed get that message, so everything is fine and this topic can be closed.