• Hello everyone.
    Abstract: I have less manager points even tough (1) I am first, (2) my objective is last place and I am still at the cup and (3) beated the other manager in a match

    In more detail: I am in a legue where I am at first place with a team with an objective for 13 place. I am also in the cup. The catch is: the manager with more points isn’t me! Is the other one in second place with an objective equal to mine. Also, I beated that manager in our match.
    Other thing is that when I was at second place and he was at first, he had more 1000 manager points than me. Now that I am first, he still has 200 points more than me.
    I add that I have less 4 goals scored than him but I am the best defense by two goals.
    I am also an active player who constantly buys and sells players 2/3 times a day.

    Can anyone explain me how?

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    This is very much possible, especially in leagues where there are lots of computer managed teams. Probabaly you have been playing most of your games against teams without managers whereas he has been playing against teams with human managers. Also, you get lesser points against a low goal team than a higher goal team.
    Consistency is also key, you tend to earn more points when you keep a very long winning streak even when you're not in first place. One reason he still has more points than you have right now.
    Winning every game as well as winning the double are also key to gain more manager points than other managers in the league.

  • @king_jamiu_10
    Thanks for the reply. But I am finding this very strange...
    Tomorrow we reach the mid season, so I played the same Manager’s as his.
    In regard to the winning streak, I have 9 games in a row against 2 of his. We also have the same number of victories in the league.
    Is it possible that he is doing something to push the manager points?
    I understand your explanation, but a difference of 1000 points when I was right behind him is too much. And myself being first and have less than 200 points than he... it’s also ludicrous.
    Anyone has other answers?

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    @chinchas It's absolutely impossible that a manager is doing anything to increase their manager points as this is being calculated by the engine. (Unless he is cheating; {Collusion})

    Really, there's nothing strange about him having 1000 points more than you when he was in first place and still has 200 points more now that you're in first place. Because you both are in mid-season and have played the same number of games doesn't mean that you've both actually played all the teams equally. For example, sometimes in a new league of 16 teams you could have 14 managers before the first game and after that managers keep resigning until there are only like 8 managers left in the league, and maybe only 5 are active. During that time he may have been playing the teams with active human managers while yours could be the other way round. So before you could reach mid season he has already played say; 11 active human managers and you 5, basically he will have more points than you. Another area is where most of your wins have come from. Say you both have won 15/20 games and lost 5 each; but his 15 wins where from higher goal teams and your were mostly from lower goal teams, he definitely going to earn more manager points than you. Don't forget the cup games which work in similar way, you both played four games in the cup where he defeated G1, G3, G3 and G1 whereas you defeated G13, G7, G10 and G10, this will also earn him more points.

    Wins are worth more than a draw and draws more than loses, but you earn more points when you win against higher goal teams than lower goal teams and even more when you win against active human managers.

  • @king_jamiu_10
    Thanks again for your quick response.
    I carefully read and analyze all the things you said... but I am finding it difficult to understand.
    Even if it is totally legal what is happening, I couldn’t disagree more with the system for manager points.
    But that’s ok! Nevertheless, my report was done, and that’s part of the system.
    Thank you again

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    Well, manager points system changed recently and it hasn't been long since you got back to the game, but if you play the game for a while in different leagues with teams of different objectives you'll eventually get to understand clearly how the manager points system works.