Practice match doesn't give any training

  • So I've played a practice match and it said that 4 of my players levelled up because of it, but when i play another practice match, the players scores haven't been updated.
    So it says that 4 of my players got like 50% experience because of said practice match towards levelling up, but they dont actually get it?
    Example: I played like 5 or 6 practice matches with the practice match event giving more experience, first match my players got like 50% exp, 2nd 30% others 20 or 10% and it was mostly the same players, but after these practice matches the one who should've trained the most, only got like 30% exp.
    I use an android device so maybe theres a problem with that?
    It feels like I've wasted hundreds of Boss coins because of this little bug before i decided to report it here. Hopefully there's an explanation for this, or hopefully I've helped you encounter a new bug.

    Thank you for your time.