• After the moderator closed this subject without giving the me (the player/client) to reply, I am opening this again.

    In response to the things said, no, we do not have different objectives. We both have 13 objective team.

    And game after game, the difference in manager points continues to grow, despite we both continue to win all matches.

    The previous post is below:

    I am sorry to open this thread again, but this is outrageous.
    How come that I and the other manager are only separated by 1 point at the top of the league and he has more 1220 manager points than me?? For heaven's sake.

    I knock him out of the cup and I am still in the cup (only the final to be played).
    I am a very active player, buying and selling players on a daily basis.
    In terms of goal difference, he has +4 than me (he has better attack, I have better defense).
    When I knocked him out of the cup, I FINALLY surpassed him in manager points, where I also was the first in the league. But only by a thin margin, less than 100 manager points.
    Now, I draw a game, he won, surpass me in the league table by 1 point and gets ahead of me by 1220 manager points.
    What is this?? Doesn't make any sense.
    The manager in question is MMBatista, a respected player and a good opponent for more than a decade that we play this game.
    Don't say that "maybe he played more human players". Please. I was the only in the cup AND first in the league and only lead manager points by less than 100 points. Now I draw a game, and because he goes to first place in the league, that outrageous difference of 1220 manager points happens.
    I AM NOT stating that he is cheating. But there are only two options:

    There is some kind of error in this league that makes this happens.
    The manager points system is terribly flawed.
    Thank you very much.
    From a player that plays this game since 2008.

  • @chinchas recognise myself in it. With watford im atm 4th in the league, +12 of my objective. Still manchester city, 1st, has more points than me. Why?

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    Just a reminder:

    • The difference is now in more than 1300 points.
    • Two games ago I was first in the league and I only had more 100 manager points than he.
    • I repeat, we have the same objective.
    • And, again, I knocked him out of the cup, and I will play the final soon.
    • I repeat, the difference continues to grow every game. For example, last game it was 1220 and now is 1340.
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    @chinchas Hi,

    There is nothing wrong with the engine/calculation of manager points gained in per match basis. Answer has already been given twice by us but you have refused to accept it and think the system is flawed because its not going your way, well, that is your choice and opinion but sorry, nothing to fix here.

    This is the last reply you'll be receiving and from this point on any further post on this issue which answer has been given will be regarded as spam!

    Thank you!