I can't get in my account, and my little brother has the same problem?????

  • Hello,

    I can't log in to my account blackjack0, and i have made this one to ask you guys?????
    Is this the way you guys make money?
    I had a lot off bosscoins and played a lot off games and did 40 acievements..
    And now it says i deleted my own account or it has been blocked for some time???
    Why? Is this an error that everybody has?
    The little guy is crying already.. What do i have to tell him?

    Sorry for my bad English..

    Kind regards.

  • English Moderator


    Please read our OSM Terms which clearly state on point two that having more than one OSM account isn't allowed.

    To appeal a locked account you have to login to the locked account via web and you'll find the option to appeal.Or send a mail to EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com and provide all your manager names in the mail.

    Cheating/lock/suspension will never be discussed on public forum.