Some users joined our private league without permission (Possible hackers)

  • Spanish Users

    Today we discovered that two users (without even sending the permission requested to join our private league) joined our league and started making trouble. One of these users entered and picked Man Utd and started selling all the players to low cost, allowing my friends to buy them and have more chances against me (I had a better team before this situation). He also bought my friends players for the most expensive amount of money possible.
    Then this guy from Man Utd started insulting with racist comments against us and then he leave. After he leave, he created another account and picked Chelsea. That account has my real name on it and joined without asking permission AGAIN!
    After selling all the Chelsea players for cheap amounts of money, he left AND JOINED ONCE AGAIN but with West Ham. He did the same and left. Tried to joined again (with another account.. this time insulting my name) but he wasn't able. And his request came to our moderator.
    After a few minutes, he joined with another account, once again avoiding the security. He is in Leicester right now.

    I don't know if this guy is a hacker or something like that. And for my final exposition, I've to talked about the other guy. He joined Liverpool without requesting to enter to the league and he is just there... I don't know if he used these accounts to ''destroy'' the opponents (by selling their best players for free) and stay with a primary account in Liverpool. This account was created today but it hasn't done any kind of move, yet.

    We want to know if OSM can permaban his IP. If there is not solution, we will request a refund of the credits we used for creating a private league because it's not more a private one and my friends got advantage for this situation.

  • @maxirojasz2 Hi, welcome.

    If you want to report cheaters then you'll have to use our cr system it will not be handled/discussed etc via our forums.