Moving onto the next season not working.

  • A few weeks ago I had 2 leagues, one with my main and one with my sub 1 supposed to roll into the next league costing quite a few manager coins and they didn't begin they kicked me out to the select a team menu. I assumed my mistake losing my coins and then setup a league for just my main account giving up with running my sub teams. Again today my league should have renewed for a new season and has instead kicked me out to the main select a team page.

    Quite frankly this is unacceptable now, I have put money into a game that doesn't function correctly. I would really like this issue resolved please.

  • @dan-thompson Hi, welcome.
    Could you please provide us some more info.

    On which slot it happend this time?
    What was the country and team that you've set up?

  • It was with my main account, my league was called New Beginning (Ironically named after it deleting my league once before.) I was in Guatemala as Antigua GFC which finished as seen in my club history. It should have rolled into the Uruguay league, I had picked Penarol.

  • @dan-thompson Your case has been forwarded.
    It's not possible to get the league back, so you will be refunded when things has been checked.

  • Appreciate the time you're taken, really hope this issue is resolved. Been playing over 10 years with this being the first issue.

  • You've been refunded for all lost leagues, sorry for the inconvinience.

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