Cheater Report (League ending today! Previous complaint on Dec8- no action)

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    I would like to raise a complaint for cheating by one of the manager in the league.
    I know this is not the correct platform, but I have already raise the complaint on Dec 8 and no action taken yet! And the league is ending today!

    Please look into this, and take necessary action.

    The manager is using multiple accounts to sell players to Sevilla. Refer below example(s),

    Name From To Position Matchday Value Price Time
    de Vrij Sevilla Atlético Madrid Def 30 21.27M 50.17M 7 December
    Mata Atlético Madrid Sevilla Mid 30 52.70M 39.52M 7 December
    Bonucci Barcelona Sevilla Def 21 76.69M 57.51M 28 November
    Bonucci Juventus Barcelona Def 21 76.69M 121.93M 28 November
    Müller T. Atlético Madrid Sevilla Fwd 20 56.24M 42.18M 27 November
    Diego Costa Barcelona Sevilla Fwd 20 41.77M 31.33M 27 November
    Bakayoko Villarreal Sevilla Mid 16 41.37M 31.03M 24 November
    Bakayoko AC Milan Villarreal Mid 16 41.37M 58.18M 24 November
    Giménez Villarreal Sevilla Def 15 30.52M 22.89M 22 November
    Giménez Everton Villarreal Def 15 30.52M 41.41M 22 November
    Godín Atlético Madrid Sevilla Def 14 31.30M 23.48M 21 November
    Messi Barcelona Sevilla Fwd 14 35.49M 26.62M 21 November
    Koscielny Atlético Madrid Sevilla Def 13 23.65M 17.74M 20 November
    Azpilicueta Real Sociedad Sevilla Def 13 44.36M 33.27M 20 November
    Azpilicueta Chelsea Real Sociedad Def 13 44.36M 57.35M 20 November
    Alex Sandro Real Sociedad Sevilla Def 12 29.75M 22.31M 19 November
    Alex Sandro Juventus Real Sociedad Def 12 29.75M 46.15M 19 November
    Evans Real Betis Sevilla Def 7 20.14M 15.10M 14 November
    Khedira Villarreal Sevilla Mid 6 40.38M 30.29M 13 November
    Khedira Juventus Villarreal Mid 6 40.38M 54.52M 13 November
    Walker Real Sociedad Sevilla Def 6 38.17M 28.63M 13 November
    Walker Manchester City Real Sociedad Def 6 38.17M 61.33M 13 November
    Maguire Real Betis Sevilla Def 6 21.57M 16.18M 13 November
    Aubameyang Real Betis Sevilla Fwd 5 31.90M 23.93M 12 November
    Alaba Villarreal Sevilla Def 4 23.78M 17.83M 11 November
    Thiago Real Betis Sevilla Mid 4 28.70M 21.53M 11 November
    Thiago FC Bayern München Real Betis Mid 4 28.70M 34.48M 11 November
    Reus Villarreal Sevilla Fwd 3 19.71M 14.78M 10 November
    Reus Borussia Dortmund Villarreal Fwd 3 19.71M 29.72M 10 November
    Thauvin Real Betis Sevilla Fwd 3 24.93M 18.70M 10 November
    Thauvin Marseille Real Betis Fwd 3 24.93M 39.81M 10 November