• He isn't a cheater because I say so, he's a cheater because we all say so in the crew. He committed fraud and you've the tools to check it. You're being part of this fraud if you don't check that I'm telling the truth. He use us, and I don't think that's the spirit of the OSM game.

    @Hespera, you are support, it suppose you're here to solve this things. Now you can close this thread too.

  • @pablogcz Hi, welcome again.
    Unfortunately this will not change anything.
    Fact is he's the crewleader, someone made him crewleader or he created the crew.
    The crewleader decides what to do with the crew and who to kick.

    Reporting cheaters needs to be reported at all times via our cr system and has nothing to with your crew issue, since no one else will be moderator of that crew and crew will be removed when find guilty.