Questions about the crew system ?

  • Hi, I'm a long time player and I just got into the crews. I don't know how anything works. Also quite specifically I wanna ask what does the crew captain do ? Also is Battlepedia still relevant, what are the rules ?
    Thank you

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    • A crew is a group of managers who play OSM together as a team. They play the crew league where they learn about each others tactics, formation, day to day game approach and also team up to battle other crews and become victorious in various tournaments and competitions the crew world has to offer.
    • The Crew Boss is in charge of the crew, he can add new members to the crew as well as expel members from the crew. The Crew Captain is like the second in command of the crew and assist the crew boss in the running of the crew.
    • With the current crew system, Battlepedia is no longer relevant. However, crews can still decide to use them if they feel like it.
    • For now there are no set out rules in crews or battles.

  • @king_jamiu_10 thank you for a quick and constructive response

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    You're welcome!

    This is clear, so topic can be closed now!

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