• Hi,

    Last weekend there was an offer for which I could receive double Boss Coins (in NL) whenever I made a 1st time purchase of a e-book. I made the purchase, met all of the requirements and have a proof of payment but no Boss Coins. What do I have to do now? Where do I sent my proof of purchase to?


  • @Riinyosa81_NL Hey! 🤝

    If you have clicked or finished a similar offer (offered by the same e-book) then you can't do it twice.

    If the e-book you purchased was a free trial (subscription) and you then, cancelled it right away, they know that you did that that is why they did not pass you the reward.

    If more than 48 hours have passed and you still did not receive your coins then make sure to send your offer provider an e-mail with proof.