Choosing the bigger teams for 200 boss coins?

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    Hi, not sure if this is a stupid question, but when choosing a new league / team, yuou can choose any of the lower teams free but if you want to choose any of the bigger teams you have to pay 200 boss coins, what i've never understoood is, it always says above each bigger team currently taken, then if you select one of them it then says club taken, do you want to manage for 200 coins.

    Does that actually mean someone has got them for free somewhere when a league was just started but you can pay to take the club off them?

    its just when it says club taken, i just always wondered am i taking that club off someone else? if so i have never had a club where it later said it was taken from me because someone paid 200 boss coins to take it?

    Sorry if silly question i just wondered lol



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    This is not a silly question mate.

    • Yes! Someone has taken them for free, and no, when you pay 200 coins to pick the team you don't take it off anyone.
    • Because there are lots of managers who like picking these teams, the chance of having them free is little and they don't stay free for long, it's difficult getting such teams.
      OSM provides a way which you can still have these teams for selection through the use of boss coins. So when you pay the 200 coins to pick the team OSM automatically creates a new league where OSM is the moderator and the team in question is assigned to you.

    Whether you pick the team for free or pay coins to get the team, it cannot be taken from you by any other manager.