• dear, my competition is reset right away. but I have not had the opportunity to extend it and to choose another competition. can you solve this, please as soon as possible. Thanks
    username: beer0071
    slot 4
    competition: kiekendraad

  • The competition is reset already.. but its a private competition with friends and we want another league.. so can you please fix this that i can choose another league?

  • @beer0071 Hello! 🤝

    Unfortunately, from my personal experience you can do nothing about it. It happened to me too and this is helpless from the staff...

    You usually get many notifications 3 to 4 days before you league is going to end which asks you what do you want to do with your league (the next season that is), and then you can select whether you want to continue or just stop the league from continuing.

    So if you miss all of these notifications then you can not revert it. What you can do is abandon your league by resigning and then start a new one if you want to.