• Hey, sorry if there was already a question about this. I've noticed that during my last day(s) of the actual season my league was already automatically continued without the possibility to change it: so next season I have to play the same league with the same team. Why? Never had this before in my total of 118 seasons.

    DaWout's League #118
    Managerslot 1
    Actual team Juventus

    Please change it into:
    New season/ team: DaWout's League #119 Spain/ Real Madrid
    I have enough coins to pay for it, so that's not the problem.


  • Dutch Users

    Hi! I have the same thing with my league!! Never had it before! I want to go to Spain and be Valencia. Please change mine as well!

    managername T. de Roo (thijsderoo)
    Current team: Bayern Munich


  • Hi, welcome.

    Unfortunately this action was needed to avoid long term league owners losing there league after a fix has been made.
    Dutch users could have reported in on Hulp section on Dutch community forum.

    If it's cconcerning a World account then please let us know.

  • Since there are no other reactions, I will lock this topic.