Telephone restarting during playing the game

  • Hungarian Users


    Is here anybody who had the same problem? 😤
    My phone is restarting during playing the game. Mostly it happens when I try to set the lineup. If I think about it, in every second/ third entry, after going to the lineup it happens. The restart is indipendent from time and day. It JUST happens when I play the OSM app (using the phone and other applications doesn't cause restart)! It's really annoying and I'm afraid that some viruses affected the game (?). I verified the phone searching for viruses, but none was discovered.
    Data: Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017), Android 8.0.0, games status: up to date.

    After playing the game for 5 years I really thought about to finish playing! There are too many problems and bugs, to not to play happily and trustingly as you want!

    I hope that this problem will be roselved too, as the boss coing earning problem! 💰

  • Hi,

    This is a problem at your end (phone).

    OSM can be an heavy App and use a lot of memory and maybe you're having memory problems on your device or it gets to hot and shut down.

    Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to help you 😞