millions Chinese player‘s desire

  • Dear Whom it may concern Now the chinese game palyer have reached your request?If we can have the Chinese version?Now the OSM other language‘s version competely limited chinese player‘s level。I believe that the Chinese OSM group will become more and more larger if you can open chinese version。This is our million Chinese player‘s desire,I beg the GB pay more attention to our countries。 And the Chinese point in high ranking than other countries,it's not acceptable for us why Japan and korea have their own language version except chinese。 Look forward to your reply!


  • Please pay attention to our Chinese game player

  • Please pay attention to our Chinese game player

  • English Moderator

    What you are showing in the pic you posted, is the average manager points manager of your country have on this game. This has nothing to do with the number of managers that play this game.
    By the way my country is on the 41st position, with 36369 manager points ... does that means Greece is having it's own language version?

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