Anyone could tell me how it happend?

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    It was match of liga and im being 1st row. I had a match with marsellia and my team value(770ml) more higher than that team(300ml). I realized until to 30 min left the game couldnt check marsellia team tactics so i tought they get in aoning camp and so do i did train camp but when ichecked my team lose he match even my team more better than other team and my team couldnt make any goal they lose 5-0 im getting crayz anyone could tell me how it was happend?

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    Because you have the better team on paper doesn't necessarily mean you'll win every game. There are numerous factors that determine the result of each game; playing at home, training camp, stronger team, tactics, formation, etc..
    Chelsea lost 4-0 to Bournemouth last week 😃