Help - I can't find the option to report cheater for a illegal transfers

  • I can't find the option to report cheater for illegal transfers?

    This cheater is in my crew battle, and he's selling players underprice to his crewmate?

    I tried to report him yesterday, but there is only an option for multiple accounts???
    Anyhow, I reported him trough that option with a lot of screenshots, evidence etc, and nothing happened, today I've got an email in which OGM judges told me he is innocent of multiple accounts???

    But I have reported cheater because of the illegal transfers, and before use to be that option, but now there is not?

    Maybe there is some other option how we can report cheaters, so please help me with this problem...


  • @pin-kod Hi, welcome.
    That's correct, you can't report illegal transfers in battles anymore.
    Since those transfers are allowed in battles only, you can do the same with your crew mates and help each other out.