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    It's no doubt that this game needs a "block manager" feature. There's a manager who, for the past 2 months, has never stopped repeatedly sending me invites to join his league- all of which I promptly decline.
    The problem is that he hasn't stopped and seemingly never will. He keeps chucking me an invite all the time and it's getting very frustrating.

    I've searched for a similar topic in this forum and found a thread in which a guy had the same problem. A moderator's response was just to leave the invite pending, so he won't be able to send more. The problem is that, if I were to resort to such a cheap countermeasure, it clutters up my interface upon logging in. I don't want to enter my account and be spammed everywhere by the invite.

    I will now send him a message telling him to stop but I doubt he will. Please, for the love of god, give me a way to block managers.